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Dr. Marc Abreu

Dr. Marc Abreu

The Discovery of the BTT

In 2003, Dr. Marc Abreu, a faculty member at Yale School of Medicine, discovered a site between the bridge of the nose and the eyelid that leads directly to the brain’s hypothalamus. He would go on to refer to this as the Brain Thermal Tunnel (BTT). By placing sensors over the Brain Thermal Tunnel, he is able to non-invasively and continuously measure the brain’s thermodynamics (temperature fluctuations). For the first time in history, the Brain Thermal Tunnel’s device provides unique access to previously unknown information and knowledge about the brain.

What is a Hyperthermic Treatment?

A hyperthermic treatment, also known as hyperthermia therapy or pyrotherapy, is when part of the body or the entire body is artificially heated in an effort to treat a medical condition and/or enhance the effectiveness of other ongoing treatments.

Why treat chronic lyme disease with Hyperthermia?

Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi or more rarely, Borrelia mayonii.  The rationale behind hyperthermic treatment for Lyme Disease is that by raising the body temperature, you will weaken and kill the bacteria, thus ridding patients of the symptoms they are facing.

Hyperthermia is one of the body’s natural ways of fighting off an infection.  Microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria thrive in environments with a stable temperature range in order to survive and multiply within their host environment. You typically develop a fever (core temp ≥100.4°F or ≥38°C) because your immune system has detected the presence of an infectious organism and is trying to create a more hostile environment toward it. This can ultimately result in the death of the invading organisms and/or eradication of their ability to multiply, giving other components of your immune system the opportunity to target and destroy any remaining invaders.

Fever typically represents a vital component of the acute phase of your immune system’s response to an infection, alongside inflammation and the recruitment of white blood cells to the infected tissue. Artificial fever (pyrotherapy) is a method of treatment that occurs when core body temperature is intentionally elevated using external forces (e.g. hot baths, warm air, or electric heating blankets) rather than from unintended physiologic disturbances within the cellular environment.

Core body temperature is regulated by the hypothalamus, a structure deep within the brain which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis (steady state of physiologic equilibrium) throughout the brain and body. The hypothalamus serves as a thermostat for the brain and body – during fever, the “set-point” of the hypothalamus shifts upward, initiating a cascade of physiologic events that increase heat production. However, in other hyperthermia conditions, this set-point remains unchanged. The hypothalamus acts to downregulate the body’s heat production in an effort to maintain a stable core temperature despite the external heating forces. Thus, traditional hyperthermia treatments work against the brain’s internal hypothalamic efforts to regulate internal body temperature. BTT Medical Institute’s hyperthermia therapy is unique in that their treatments are guided by continuous measurement and control of the brain’s hypothalamic temperature (the “set-point” of the body’s “thermostat”).

Hyperthermia Hospitals

We have strong partnerships with the best hospitals for lyme disease treatment. These 4 hospitals are located in the United States, Mexico and Germany.

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Heat Shock Protein Hyperthermia System

Why BTT™ Brain-Guided Heat Shock Protein Hyperthermia System is Different Than Other Hyperthermia Treatments

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BTT Medical Institute’s treatment modality is in unique, as it works with the brain and not against it. The brain’s objective is to always protect the stability of physiologic conditions within the body. With traditional hyperthermia reactions, when the body is heated, the brain’s natural reaction is to fight off this heat (perceived as an attack on the body). It does this by forcing the body to sweat, expand blood volume, shunt blood circulation between different areas of the body, and enact other physiologic alterations that counteract the heating force. However, at BTT Heat Shock LLC, because they have full and constant access to the brain’s thermodynamics, their treatment is able to work with the brain and not against it. They work with your individual brain data in real time to create an artificial brain-guided fever. By doing so, they temporarily alter the temperature set-point of the brain’s hypothalamus, mimicking the acute phase of your natural immune response.

The Advantage of Taking Temperature via the Brain Thermal Tunnel

The brain and only the brain is a thermodynamic engine that controls the rest of the body through changes in temperature. Neither the mouth, ear, forehead nor rectum function to regulate body temperature. BTT Medical Institute’s method of monitoring brain temperature fluctuations via the Brain Thermal Tunnel’s connection to the skin surface enabling them to work with the brain while avoiding the risk of internal tears or bleeding from traditional thermometry.

Harnessing the Power of the Brain

Because BTT Medical Institute works with the brain, they are able to harness all the power of the brain including the induction of heat shock proteins. BTT Medical Institute works with the brain to create one of the most powerful molecules in any living substance: heat shock proteins. Heat shock proteins help repair damaged proteins in the cells. This allows for a wide range of medical benefits, including the improvement of the immune system which is compromised by chronic Lyme disease.

Why Does BTT™ Not Use Anesthesia During Hyperthermic Treatments?

Anesthesia has been shown to increase the chances of developing long-lasting undesirable effects including neurotoxicity, cognitive impairment, and even Alzheimer’s Disease later in life. BTT Medical Institute’s treatment goal is to purely benefit the patient by drastically minimizing any potential health risks associated with traditional hyperthermia therapies (which alone carry low risk for long-lasting undesirable effects). Their risk reduction is primarily achieved by using each patient’s individual brain data combined with other attentive medical monitoring to guide each treatment. They identify and address any changes as they occur, and modify the intensity of the hyperthermia accordingly. Additionally, by avoiding anesthesia, any risk of harm is further minimized. Not only is the patient 100% protected from any risk associated with anesthetic medications, but the patient also remains conscious and free to communicate with the medical team throughout their treatment.

Hyperthermia Treatment at BTT Medical Institute

Where is BTT™ Medical Institute Located?

BTT Medical Institute is the first extreme whole-body hyperthermia treatment center located in the United States. They are conveniently situated right between Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Aventura, Florida. The areas tranquility draws people from all over the world, offering a warm inviting feel within walking distance of parks, golf courses, restaurants, and serene beaches.