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Michael Rubino (The Mold Medic) Founder of All American Restoration and I Talk Mold

Mold Inspector, Brian Karr from We Inspect and I Talk about how mold impacts your health

Let’s Talk Building Biology with Mary Cornwell, a Regenerative Health Specialist and Building Biologist Advocate 

Cancer Videos


Hyperthermia Treatment and Lyme with The Lyme Specialist Michelle McKeon

Evolution of Medicine – Functional Forum – Lyme, Hyperthermia, and Environmental Toxins in the Recovery Process

Michelle McKeon Speaking at Hot Topics Conference

Michelle McKeon’s Story

Scheduling Treatment at the St. Georg Klinik

Information on Ozone

One Year after Hyperthermia Treatment

Dr. Mehmet Oz’s visit to Sanoviv

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Interview with Dr. Isaac Meza

The Benefits of Hyperthermia with The Lyme Specialist Owner Michelle McKeon