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We would love to support you through our private Facebook group where you can connect with other Lyme warriors world-wide. In this space you can ask questions, discuss tips and tricks that helped you, and learn more about other integrative medicine therapies and hyperthermia treatment. The purpose of this group is to create a community that will help support anyone interested in learning more about various integrative therapies and individuals interested in hyperthermia treatment.  As many of you know, tick-borne infections are very misunderstood.  Figuring out the right treatments can be an overwhelming process.  Our goal is to create space where we can encourage each other throughout the recovery process.  This group will include helpful information on the hyperthermia hospitals that we work with, along with information on other recovery factors to look into when dealing with tick-borne infections.  Come be a part of this community, and to help support fellow Lyme Warriors on their journey. 


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