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Lyme Disease Resources

There are lots of great Lyme disease resources available on the Internet these days on the topics of tick-borne infections and chronic illness. Below are some of my favorite resources that have helped my clients and myself in our healing journey. I hope you enjoy!

Practitioner-grade Supplements



Freedom to Formulate


Bay Area Lyme Foundation(focus is on diagnostics and research)

Sam’s Spoons (focus on awareness and grants)

LivLyme Foundation (focus on awareness and grants)

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society(ILADS)

LymeDisease.org(formerly CALDA)


LymeLightFoundation.org(focus on awareness and treatment grants for children and young adults)

Tick-Borne Disease Alliance(TBDA)

Podcasts & Radio Shows

Tick Boot Camp – hosted by Matt Sabatello and Richard Johannesen

Living With Lyme – hosted Cindy Kennedy, FNP

Moldfinders Radio – hosted by Brian Karr

The Tick Chicks – hosted by Ali

Dr. Jill – hosted by Dr. Jill Carnahan