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Recovery Factors

There are various cancer and Lyme disease recovery factors to look into for sustainable results.  If you are not seeing substantial improvement you may be dealing with one or more of the issues listed below. Any one of these factors could be preventing your body from making a full recovery.  During a consultation, we are able to discuss these health concerns with you in more detail. If there is a recovery factor that you would like to review, we can schedule a time to review the best tests and treatment methods to fit your individual needs.

Dental Issues

Dental Problems can significantly impact your heath. There are many ways to identify and address dental issues. One option is to visit a biological dentist and inquire about amalgam removal and cavitation surgery.

Amalgam removal – A procedure that removes dental fillings that contain an alloy of mercury with another metal. Taking mercury out of the fillings in your teeth is beneficial in lowering your heavy metal exposure. You may also want to inquire with your biological dentist about receiving chelating agents to aid in removing mercury from your body, as mercury can pose significant health issues.

Cavitation surgery – A procedure that removes the diseased bone from within the cavity. This allows new, healthy bone to grow back. It is important to wait until your body is strong enough before having any invasive dental procedure done. These types of treatments can take a toll on a body that is weakened with Lymeco-infections, or cancer.  It may be worth waiting until your body is strong enough when looking into dental issues.

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During the treatment of Lyme disease or cancer, the system can become very toxic. Specific IVs, herbs, and supplements are common detoxification aids. Looking into infrared saunas, detox baths, colonics, chlorine dioxide enemas, and coffee enemas to detox your body can also prove to be benifical. Michelle found that using various types of detoxification treatments were a huge aid in her recovery. She noticed that when she did an enema or a colonic directly after receiving IV treatment, she experienced a drastic decrease in her symptoms. During your consultation with LCS, we can go over what to specifically put in a detox bath or how to do a certain type of enema, and walk you through the detoxification process.

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Electromagnetic Fields

Artificial EMFs change the frequency of your body’s electromagnetic fields, distorting the balance of the body’s electromagnetic field communication systems. This causes physical, mental, and emotional chaos. EMFs are all around us throughout our day in hair dryers, cell phones, power lines, transformers, clock radios, Wi-Fi, TV, fluorescent lighting, and many other places.

If you are exposed to a lot of electromagnetic radiation it is critical to remove your shoes and put your feet back on the ground (grass, dirt, sand etc.) This is called earthing. Try to walk on the ground for at least 10 minutes every day. We can recommend earthing devices to sit on, put your feet on, or sleep on at night in addition to other various ways to help reduce your EMF exposure.

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Humans are designed to move, and exercise is crucial for many functions of our body to remain in a homeostatic state. Before becoming ill, many of us had the energy and the physical ability to be more active. However, depending on how your body has been affected by illness, it may feel impossible at times to exercise. Listen to your body and do not force it to do what it currently cannot. If you are feeling able to be active, daily walks, yoga, tai chi, swimming, and rebounding exercises on a mini trampoline are great ways to keep your muscles moving and your lymphatic system circulating. The lymphatic system is in charge of removing waste and toxins from different parts of your body. In order for the lymphatic system to circulate normally, your muscles need to contract to move toxins out of the body. Exercising also releases endorphins, which will help to improve your mood.

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Gut Flora

It is important to rotate different brands of probiotics and antifungals to constantly introduce different strains to the gut and immune system, and also help prevent fungal resistance. When the flora is unbalanced, the immune system receives the wrong messages, which can cause the gut to become a potential source of autointoxication. Getting tested to see if your flora is balanced will help determine which probiotic, antifungal, or antiparasitic supports your body may need

Antifungals kill Candida yeast while the probiotics replenish your gut with good bacteria and help prevent Candida and other digestive tract parasites from overgrowing again. A good probiotic should have as many different strains/species of beneficial bacteria as possible. The human gut is full of numerous known species of probiotic bacteria that have different strengths and weaknesses. Having a variety of bacteria will allow the body to receive maximum benefit.

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Heavy Metals

Lyme bacteria, and other bacteria and viruses can prevent the process by which the body is able to filter out heavy metals, resulting in heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metal toxicity can cause many health problems and varying symptoms such as: fatigue, digestive distress, depression, reduced ability to properly assimilate and utilize fats, impaired blood sugar regulation, and an array of reproductive problems. Another major problem with heavy metal toxicity is that if you are deficient in essential metals, your body will use toxic metals as “stand-ins” instead of the needed metals. Also, Lyme and other pathogens are prone to hide and thrive in the presence of certain heavy metals. This can be a huge roadblock in the recovery process if you are not following a strong chelation program. Proper heavy metal testing and treatment is critical for recovery.

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Lipid Derangements

The Patricia Kane protocol and Johns Hopkins fatty acid profile can specifically identify issues with cells at a membrane and mitochondrial membrane level, and provide the structure for repair. Following a strict diet and receiving IVs of phosphatidylcholine, phenylbutyrate, luecovorin, and glutathione in sddition to receiving B12 shots, may be necessary to rebuild what was traumatized from Lyme.

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Manual Work

Musculoskeletal and fascial issues caused by tick-borne infections or cancer can be ongoing until properly dealt with. Seeing a chiropractor that specializes with rolfing or myofascial release is an option for dealing with these issues.

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Methylation can affect the detoxification process that clears out toxins in your body. When there is a MTHFR mutation it prevents the body from working properly. People with MTHFR gene mutations tend to have a decrease in glutathione and are more susceptible to stress and toxins. The MTHFR mutation test is used to detect two relatively common mutations in the MTHFR gene that are associated with elevated levels of homocysteine in the blood. Having genetic testing done can help one understand how their extended methylation pathways are working and assist in how to better supplement your metabolism and aid in detoxification.

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Mold Toxins

Mold overgrowth is a rapidly growing epidemic in homes, offices, and schools. Just because you can’t see or smell mold does NOT mean your space or office is unaffected. Knowing how to test for mold in your living environment is crucial. Many people with a chronic illness become more sensitive to mycotoxins, particularly mold. Living in an environment with mold issues can hinder your improvement by suppressing and deregulating the immune system. As this occurs, very potent inflammatory cytokines are activated. Cytokines are proteins that are secreted by immune cells and act on other cells to coordinate appropriate immune responses. Roughly 25% of the population possesses one of five genotypes that cause issues with excreting mold; this wreaks havoc on the body. To find out if you are one of these individuals, we recommend blood tests for the HLA genotype. We also recommend a lipid exchange protocol with binders to flush these toxins out of your system.

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Sometimes after a destructive illness, the brain shuts down many pathways and disrupts your concentration, mood, and ability to process information and relax. Neurotherapy works to eliminate these issues by retraining the brain and guiding it to function as it did before it was damaged by illness.

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Nutritional and Mineral Deficiencies

When the body is unbalanced and not getting enough nutrients, the mitochondria begins to shut down which compromises your brain and muscles. Running a few blood, or even mineral taste tests, will help to determine what your body is specifically lacking.

Note: A number of people with chronic Lyme disease have developed HPU (hemo-pyrrol-lactum-uria), which is a mineral deficiency. HPU affects the immune system by depleting it of zinc, manganese, arachidonic acid, taurine, and other vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to get certain tests to detect these deficiencies when treating HPU.

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Parasites present additional issues that may require attention, as they are a common problem in people with Lyme disease. It is estimated that 15% of all cancers in humans are parasite related. Parasites feed on your cells, your blood, the food you eat, the supplements you take, and your energy. Rope worms are in the parasite/biofilm family and are found in many people who are very toxic. If parasites are a concern for you, there are various treatments that we can recommend and a specialist that we can refer you to.

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For your immune system to work properly it needs sleep. Getting enough sleep is a common issue when dealing with Lyme disease. The stages of sleep and hours in which you fall asleep play a vital role in how your body heals. Certain medications can add to the problem, so it is important to monitor the use of sleep aids. Most sleep aids actually reduce the amount of healing sleep (stage 4) and replace it with a lighter sleep (stages 1 and 2). Therefore, even though you may be getting more sleep by taking prescription drugs, your body may still be lacking the correct kind of sleep cycle to achieve optimal healing. Many patients have found alternative options to prescription sleep aids such as natural herbs to be helpful.

Try to create a routine which allows your body the proper amount of time it needs for a full, healthy sleep cycle. Getting into bed by a set time (the earlier the better) on a daily basis can help create a consistent sleep pattern.

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Stress and Toxic Relationships

Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive friends and family is vital in the healing process. Negative people will likely affect your mood, sleep, and outlook on life. Speaking with a therapist can be helpful in sorting out issues that may be affecting the way you feel and hindering your recovery. The mind and body connection is very powerful.

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