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Written by Michelle McKeon

September 10, 2018

Authored by Michelle McKeon

Working with Lyme and Cancer Services, we are huge advocates of two things: hyperthermia treatment through the use of infrared heat, and detoxification to aid in the recovery process.  One of the main points I have my clients try to take away is DETOX, DETOX, DETOX! While hyperthermia treatment kills a significant amount of pathogens, we see that people who detox before treatment are able to tolerate hyperthermia treatment better, and people who detox after treatment have a more optimal sustained recovery.  Detoxing has been a crucial part of my recovery process with Lyme disease.  Sweating out toxins through the use of infrared saunas has been one of my go-to therapies, and I still use it for maintenance therapy today.  One of the symptoms that I have been left with is balance and vertigo issues.  I have 70% nerve damage to my left inner ear from Lyme disease, and I notice that if I am overdoing it with work, school, or just the stresses of life, my vertigo symptoms can act up a bit.  When this happens, I know it is time for a sauna session.  I usually take a binder and dry brush before the sauna, and then when I am done with my session I immediately shower to rinse off the toxins.  It is around this time that my visual issues subside, and my world looks clearer.

Therasage infrared saunas have become the gold standard for energy healing through infrared heat. Robby and Melody Besner, founders of Therasage, have played a vital role in the Lyme community.  Their knowledge and passion for infrared heat as a therapy for people suffering from Lyme disease, was routed from their daughter’s personal struggle with Lyme disease.  Therasage understands the complexities of Lyme disease, and truly grasps the importance of detoxification in the recovery process.  They also recognize various other factors that play a role in the treatment for Lyme disease such as mold, heavy metals, and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) issues.  They have considered all of these factors when designing their products.

Therasage’s world’s premier far infrared and negative ion products have a variety of healing properties.  They enhance nutritional upload, balance the body energetically, help relieve pain, heighten mental clarity, increase circulation, control weight, reduce stress, strengthen immunity, ease joint pain, remove toxins, enhance energy, improve blood flow and the cardiovascular system, brightens skin, and help with sleep.

The infrared frequencies create a vibration or wave length, and this wavelength produces a bio-resonance.  The resonance begins to mobilize every toxin in the body.  When your detox pathways switch back on, the toxins are able to be expelled more effectively.  There is a direct correlation between toxicity and inflammation, and when you decrease toxicity you lower inflammation.

Infrared frequencies also activate the lymph system by muscle movement. Many patients with Lyme are not able to be active, which allows the lymph system to become thicker and clog.  As this happens the lymph system can no longer work efficiently as a portal system to remove toxins.  The infrared vibration changes and improves the viscosity of the lymph nodes and lymph glands, which in turn helps to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Another reason why infrared heat therapy is so beneficial in helping the body detox and recover is because the infrared frequencies harmonize at the same frequencies as the water inside of our bodies. Everyone’s body is comprised of about 72% of water.  Pathogens thrive in bodies where the water is not structured.  Therasage saunas restructure the water inside of you, creating more effective cellular communication.  Water is the transient fluid that moves nutrients and minerals into the cell, and allows the cell to expel toxic waste out.  Robby explained, that if you are taking vitamins and eating clean, infrared heat will potentiate whatever you are doing on a nutritional basis, and allow 20-30% more value into the nutrition.  If you do not have cellular communication, the cells are not able to function, which disrupts methylation, and everything starts to break down.  We get sick at a cellular level and we become heathy on a cellular level.  When infrared frequencies improve the water structure in someone’s body, then one’s health can begin to improve as well.

Therasage products also help the body produce nitric oxide, which is a vassal dilator and supports immune function. In addition, all of their products are grounded electrically.  This is important, as most people are positively charged due to the environment that we live in. These products feature their proprietary exclusive natural earth element, full spectrum infrared heating panels, with jade and tourmaline gem stones, that creates an abundance of negative ions, and are made without any exposure to harmful EMF’s.  These infrared saunas and heating pads will also pull out EMF that are stored in your cells and your tissue, helping again in the detoxification process.

Therasage saunas are full spectrum infrared, which means they have near infrared, middle infrared, and far infrared benefits.  Near infrared helps with any skin related challenges, increases micro circulation and nitric oxide production, and enhances mitochondrial support.  Middle infrared supports vascular issues and improves metabolism.  Far infrared is for the deepest penetration, and heats up organs and muscles, which are the most vascular. When you increase the temperature of an organ or muscle it heats the vessel.  Robby explained that when the vessel is heated up it dilates and can improve metabolic function from 15-17% within an hour. The infrared frequencies break up the covalent bonds between the toxins, wherever it has accumulated, aiding in the detox process. This encourages the detoxification of Lyme toxins, and environmental toxins such as heavy metals and mold mycotoxins. Also, bio-thermal heat stays in the muscle even after the infrared heat therapy.

Personally, having noticed the benefits of infrared saunas, and looking into various saunas in purchasing myself, I was very impressed with Therasage’s products. I also really appreciated that Robby and Melody spent a lot of time with me, making sure I thoroughly understood how to get the most optimal use out of it to help aid in sustained recovery.  I am someone who likes to ask a lot of questions, and they were able to answer all of them, and seem to genuinely care about helping the Lyme community move forward in the healing process!

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